Staff Profile

A. The Commission has the absolute power to investigate all women related issues independently, under the NWC Act -2006. Name Designation 1 Dr. Temsula Ao Chairperson 2 Mrs. Kakheli Jakhalu Member 3 Mrs. Asangla Cholong Member   B.  The Secretary is the head of the Administration. The Secretary assists and implements all the decision of Staff Profile

Functions & Duties

Functions and Duties of the Commission (NWC Act-2006) : The main function and duties of the Commission is to investigate and examine all matters relating to Women issues, and also to safeguard the women provisions which was provided for women under the Constitution and other laws. Study/research and to codify the customary law relating to Functions & Duties

About the Nagaland State Commission for Women

The Nagaland State Commission for Women is a statutory body, constituted by the State Government under the Nagaland Women Commission Act 2006, vides Govt. Notification No. Law/Act218/2006, dated Kohima the 30th November 2006, and was formally inaugurated by the then Governor of Nagaland Shri. K. Sankaranarayanan on 28th March 2007. The Commission started functioning from About the Nagaland State Commission for Women