List of Employees

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact number 1 Smti. Bano Vinito Chairperson 9436007747 2 Smti. Vivi Nyuthe Board Member 9862633442 3 Smti. Adai Reunim Board Member   4 Smti. P. Daisy Mezhur Secretary 9436000093 5 Smti. Kimboi Hangsing Accountant 9436831127 6 Smti. Apranuo U.D.C 9436016622 7 Smti. Nangshitula PA to Chairman 9436601036 8 Shri. Kevingulie Kevin List of Employees

Executive Board Members of the State Board

State Government Official Members 1. Director/representative of Social Welfare Department, Nagaland, Kohima Member 2. Director/representative of Agriculture Department, Nagaland, Kohima Member 3 Director/representative of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Department, Nagaland, Kohima Member Non – Official Members 1. Smt. Bano Vinoto Chairperson   Smt. Vivi Nyuthe Member 2. Smt. Adai Reunim Member

Contact us

Address of the Organization: Nagaland State Social Welfare Board New Secretariat Complex, Below DIPR Post Box-229, Kohima Ph:0370-2270310, e-mail : nagasswb[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]in   Office timing : 9.30 am to 4.30 pm (summer) 9.30 am to 4.00 pm (winter)

Organizational Structure

  Sl. No.             Post No. Regular Staff of the State Board 1. Secretary 1 2. Accountant 1 3. U.D.C 1 4. Stenographer 1 5. L.D.C 1 6. Driver 2 7. Peon 1 8. Chowkidar 1 Strengthening of the State Board Staff (Ad hoc Staff) 1. U.D.C 1 2. Stenographer 1 3. L.D.C 1 4. Organizational Structure

Activities of the State Board

Activities of the State Board The State Board has been implementing various programmes under Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB), Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi and State Government Plan programmes. CSWB PROGRAMMES Condensed Course of Education (CC) – The Schemes of Condensed Course of Education (CC) for women aims at facilitating social and Activities of the State Board

Objective of the State Board

To promote welfare and development activities such as family welfare, welfare of women, youth, adolescents, children, handicapped or provide assistance in cases of un-employment, under-employment, old age, sickness, disablement and other cases of primary and basic needs. To co-ordinate with various Departments and Ministries both in Central as well as the State Govt. providing funds Objective of the State Board

Vision Statement

Vision Statement The decade perspective of the Central Board encompasses the following objectives: The Board must: Act as a change maker with humanitarian approach by reinforcing the spirit of voluntarism. Create an enabling mechanism to facilitate networking of committed social workers for the empowerment of women & children. Develop a cadre of sensitive professionals with Vision Statement