Vision Statement

The decade perspective of the Central Board encompasses the following objectives:

The Board must:

  1. Act as a change maker with humanitarian approach by reinforcing the spirit of voluntarism.
  2. Create an enabling mechanism to facilitate networking of committed social workers for the empowerment of women & children.
  3. Develop a cadre of sensitive professionals with a gender centric vision committed to equality, justice and social change.
  4. Recommend gender specific policy initiatives to meet the new challenges for women and children in emerging areas.
  5. Strengthen voluntary organizations and expand coverage of engendered schemes in areas where they have not yet reached.
  6. Initiate and strengthen its monitoring role to act as social audit and guide for the voluntary sector so as to access Government funds and resources.
  7. Generate awareness about the challenges of the society in transition where negative use of technologies and practices are impacting on the wellbeing of women & children.