The following boards, committees have been constituted by the department for implementation and finalizing all departmental activities and schemes.

Sl No. Name of the Committees Committee members Purpose
1 State level Nutrition Board Secretary (SW)    : Chairman

Director (SW)      : Member

State P.O.(Nutrition)

(Dept. of H & FW) :Member

O.S.D. (SW)         : Member

Fin .Dept.             : Member

Law Dept.             : Member

Jt. Director(SW)  Member Secy.

Selection of items and finalization of rate for procurement of nutrition items
2 State level co-ordination

committee for ICDS programme.


Chief Secretary   : Chairman

Secy. DSW          : Member

Secy. (Edn)          : Member

Secy. (Health)      : Member

Director (SW)  : Member Secy.

Review of the Implementation of ICDS programme and co-ordination.
3 District level Selection committee for appointment of Anganwadi Workers & Helpers. DWO                    :Chairman

Admn. Officer       : Member

CDPO                   : Member

To interview and recommend  suitable candidates for AWW/AWH
4 State level Selection  Board for OAP Secy.(DSW)          : Chairman

Director, (SW)       : Member

Director (Health)     : Member

Selection of  beneficiaries under OAP
5. District level Committee for selection of OAP/NOAP and other beneficiaries under   various welfare programmes. Deputy Commr.     : Chairman

DWO                     : Member

Rep. DRDA        : Member

Selection  and recommendation of OAP applicants to the state level board
6 Village Anganwadi Board VCC                       : Chairman

Women Rep.       :Member

G.B.                        : -do-

Medical Staff          : -do-

Primary School       :-do-

Supervision of ICDS scheme and rendering assistance to the AWW/ Helpers for organizing various activities in the Anganwadi centres
7 Multi disciplinary Grant-in-aid committee


Secy.(DSW)           :Chairman

Addl. Secy (WD)    : Member

Secy. Health          : Member

Director, SW          : Member

Rep. of three

NGOs                    : Member

To examine and recommend projects/schemes of NGOs for GIA under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
8. State Level Empowerment Committee Secy.(SW)          : Chairman

OSD (ICDS)       :Member

Rep. of Planning

Deptt                   : Member

Rep. of Finance

Deptt                  :Member

Secy. NSSWB    : Member

To examine and recommend the various schemes/ project applied by the NGOs/Voluntary Organizations under GoI, Ministry of Women & Child Development.
9. Nagaland State Resource Centre for Women (SRCW) Chief Secy.            :Chairman

Secy (SW)              :Member

Commr & Secy/

Secy                       : Member

Health & Family Welfare, School Education, Public Health Engineering, Food & Civil Supplies, Women & Development, Labour & Employment and Women Commission.

Secy, (NSSWB)       :Member              


For selection of personnel for Sate Resource Centre for Women
10. Nagaland State Mission Authority  Hon’ble C.M         :Chairman

Minister in Charge/ :Member

Parl. Secy of Social Welfare, Health & Family Welfare, School Education, Public Health Engineering, Food & Civil Supplies, Women & Development, Labour & Employment.

Chief Secy               : Member

Secy. (SW)               : Member

Secy.(NSSWB)         :Member



To monitor and review all programmes implemented by the participating


11. Governing Body of the State Child Protection Society (SCPS) 1.Secy.(SW)      : Chairperson

2.Under Secy (SW)    : Vice –


3.Society Director/ Jt.Dir (SW): Member Secy.

4. ACS & Dev. Commr/Repst

5.ACS&Finance Commr/Repst

6.Principal Secy, Home Deptt/ Repst

7. Principal Secy, Justice & Law/ Repst

8.DGP/ Repst.

9.Commr & Secy. Labour Deptt./Rep.

10. Commr & Secy. School Education Deptt./Rep.

11.Commr & Secy. RD Deptt./Rep.

12.Commr & Secy. Health & Family Welfare Deptt/Rep.

13. Secretary, Youth Resource Deptt/Rep.

14.Secretary,Urban Dev. Deptt/Rep.

15. Project Director, NSACS, Nagaland

16. NBCC, Women Dev. Representative


To monitor the Implementation of integrated child Protection Scheme











12 State Level Coordination of National trust Secy. SW. :Chairperson

Director SW: vice Chairperson

Coordinator state nodal agency centre: member Secy.

To monitor the effective implementation of various rehabilitations Schemes for the welfare of persons with autism, cerebal palsy.
13. Sate Commission for Protection of Child Rights Hon’ble Parl. Secy: Chairman


Secy (SW): Member

Director (SW): Member

For recommending the appointment of the Chairperson and Members.
14. State Level Quality Control Board Secy (SW)               :Chairman

Finance Commr       :Member


Dev. Commr/ Rep.   :Member

Dir. Printing & Stationery


Dir. (SW)           :Member Secy

To roll out the revised Management Information System (MIS) of ICDS Programme.
15. State Level Steering Committee  for preparation of APIP Secy (SW): Chairman

Sect. Planning Deptt: Member

Secy. School Education Deptt: Member

Secy. Health & Family  Welfare Deptt: Member

Dir. NIPCCD: Member

Dir, SW: Member

Preparation of the Annual Programme implementation plan for ICDS