A. The Commission has the absolute power to investigate all women related issues independently, under the NWC Act -2006.

Sl.no Name Designation
1 Dr. Temsula Ao Chairperson
2 Mrs. Kakheli Jakhalu Member
3 Mrs. Asangla Cholong Member


B.  The Secretary is the head of the Administration. The Secretary assists and implements all the decision of the Commission. The Secretary is the Member Secretary of the Commission.

Detail of the duties and assignments of the officials and staff:                                             

Sl.no Name Designation
1 Z. Nyusietho Nyuthe,NCS Secretary
2 Neisielie Office Consultant
3 Chenio LDA cum C/Assistant
4 Limasenla -do-
5 Ponghai Khiam Peon
6 Sabule Chizho Peon
7 Nzamongi Sweeper
8 Rocky Limbu Driver
9 Suraj Sunar – do –
10 Lhumho Mefpüo – do –
11 Raju Dorje – do –
12 Ms. Lydia Yeptho Legal Consultant
13 Mr. Vezokho Nyekha, Legal Consultant