Activities of the State Board

The State Board has been implementing various programmes under Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB), Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi and State Government Plan programmes.


  1. Condensed Course of Education (CC) – The Schemes of Condensed Course of Education (CC) for women aims at facilitating social and economic empowerment of women, school drop outs and failed candidates in completing their education.
  2. Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme (RGNCS) -The schemes provide financial assistance to the organization to set-up crèche units for children of working women who needs support in terms of substitute care for their young children while they are at work.
  3. Awareness Generation Programme (AGP) -Awareness Generation Program (AGP) is implemented with the aim of creating awareness in the community on issues relating to the status, rights and problems of women.
  4. Family Counselling Centre (FCC) – Family Counselling Centre is for the welfare of women and their families who needs counselling for any disorder or difference occurring between the spouse and the children.
  5. Short Stay Home (SSH) – Short Stay Home is implemented with a view to protect and rehabilitate those women and girls who are facing social, economic and emotional problems.
  6. Voluntary Action Bureau (VAB) – VAB was formed to assist the Board in dealing with the cases of atrocities and exploitation on women and children.



(Ministry of Women & Child Development)

  1. Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP) – This scheme provide access to credit, create awareness generation and gender sensitization; and improve nutrition, education and sensitization for project functionaries. The scheme covers traditional sectors of employment, viz., Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Dairy, Fishery, Handloom & Handicraft, Khadi & Village Industries, Sericulture, Social Forestry and Waste-Land Development.
  2. Construction of Working Women Hostel with Day Care Centre – Construction of Working Women Hostel supports construction or expansion of hostel for accommodation for working women, unmarried ladies, divorced or separated women, married ladies whose husbands are out of town, women who are being trained for employment, provided the training period does not exceed one year.
  3. Swadhar – To cater to the requirements of women in difficult circumstances and situations by providing primary need of shelter, food, clothing and care to the marginalized women/girls living in difficult circumstances, emotional support and counseling, rehabilitate them socially and economically through education, awareness, skill up-gradation and personality development through behavioral training etc.
  4. Ujjawala – To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation through social mobilization and involvement of local communities, awareness generation programmes, generate public discourse through workshops/seminars and such events and any other innovative activity.
  5. General Grant-In-Aid (GIA) – General Grant-in-Aid extends financial assistance to projects which targets activities for welfare and development of women and children which are not supported under any scheme. Its aim to encourage innovative projects to tackles un-serviced problems to area where assistance is required.
  6. State Resource Centre for Women (SRCW)

SRCW is the implementing agency of the National Mission for Empowerment of Women at the State level which is anchored to the Ministry of Women & Child Development, GOI. It was established in December 2012 under the aegis of the Nagaland State Social Welfare Board. The focus is to facilitate Government and other stakeholders involved in women centric programs and issues to implement gender sensitive programs, laws and scheme through convergence of the various Central and the State Government. The Primary objective of the SRCW is to work for holistic empowerment of women in the state

Major Activities includes Awareness Campaign in school, International Day of Girl Child, National Girl Child Day, National Education Day, Consultation on Naga Women Issues & Challenges, Celebration of International Women’s Day, Women Empowerment and Leadership Summit


Poorna Shakti Kendra (PSK)

PSK is the focal point of action on ground through which the services to women at grass root level would be facilitated. The mission aims to provide a common platform to facilitate convergence of benefits under the programmes of the various ministries and departments of the Central Government. The mission will also facilitate synergy in implementation of these programmes through their convergence at the State, District and Block levels. The ultimate objective is to achieve the mandate of the mission viz, achieve inter-sectoral convergence of all pro-women and women centric programmes across various departments of the government and place the women’s empowerment concerns at the heart of public policy and governance.

Mission Poorna Shakti Nagaland Chapter is currently working in ten villages under Chiephobozou Block where Village Convergence and Facilitation Centres are set up. Block Convergence and Facilitation Centre (BCFC) is located at CHC, Chiephobozou, Kohima.



  1. Training & Orientation Program
  2. Awareness/Sensitisation Program
  3. PRA


State Plan Programmes

a. Adolescent Girls Club (AGC)

The Nagaland Adolescent Girls Club is a new initiative of the NSSWB. It is formed to facilitate Adolescent Girls to emerge as formidable agents, as ambassadors of change in attitudes and systems which will benefit them and society at large in innumerable ways. The motto of the club is “Live The Promises”.  The Nagaland Adolescent Girls Club was formally launched during the celebration of the Golden Jubilee cum inauguration of the NSSWB Office on 22nd May 2008.

Aims of Adolescent Girls’ Club:

  • Help girls gain their sense of pride & self-worth.
  • Help them fight abuse, violence & exploitation.
  • Help them stand for their rights.
  • Help them respect themselves and others.
  • Guide and support them to ‘Live the Promise”


Presently the AGC is formed in 6 (six) schools in Kohima, 2 (two) School in Wokha and 2 (two) School in Jalukie, Peren District. The State Board is also contemplating on forming the clubs in all the districts of Nagaland and in various locations apart from the schools.

b. Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

Nagaland State Social Welfare Board has become a Service Provider under the Domestic Violence Act 2005 for assisting victim of domestic violence for getting protection/order from magistrate and other relief. The Act provides protection to the wife or female partner, sisters and mothers from violence at the hands of husband or male partner or relatives.

c. Vocational Training (VT)

The Nagaland State Social Welfare Board sponsors women and girls for vocational training to help and empower needy and economically weaker women. Women/girls of age 15 yrs and above are trained for 1 year in cutting, Tailoring, embroidery and Hairdressing.